Tobacco Facts
Here are some facts and tips for staying smoke free. There’s also a  “Puke Page” which includes really gross pictures of what happens to people using tobacco.  Check out the loads of information for kids, parents, teachers, and smokers.

Tobacco History
This is a brief overview of tobacco history.
This site offers current news about tobacco and the tobacco industry. It includes updates, “notable quotables” and links to other tobacco control and tobacco industry sites.  Also, it’s a great resource for tobacco history.

Warning: What Are You Smoking
Did you know there are over 4,000 chemicals found in cigarettes? How many can you name? Test your knowledge by playing the HAZ-Match game.


Protecting Kids From Tobacco
Find out what the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is doing to protect kids from tobacco.

FDA Authority Over Tobacco
The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids has a Special Report on FDA regulation.


Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
Great site for advocates. Includes: fact sheets, press releases, research, state-specific information related to tobacco use and the tobacco settlement, downloadable reports, news highlights and more.

The Truth
If you want the truth about the tobacco industry, take a look at this cool site.


Smoke free Movies
This is a good site to check out the link between Hollywood and the tobacco industry. Why is smoking in the movies a problem? Click on the link and find out.


Learn about smoking in the movies and how Vermont teens take on Hollywood at this cool site. And, check out the Nikoteen section for a laugh.

8 out of 10
So how many youth in Vermont don’t smoke – go to this website and check it out.


The BADvertising Institute
Badvertising’s motto is “Where truth meets art.” You will find lots of ideas for creative projects that highlight the facts and negative effects of smoking. A list of other sites, information, examples of counter-advertising, slide show and poster order forms are also included.  If you’re looking for posters and billboards, slide presentations, hands-on workshops and train-the-trainer seminars you’ll find it all here.

Action Coalition for Media Education Vermont
Find out what media literacy is all about at this local organization's web pages. They offer lots of ways to get involved in local events and workshops.

New Mexico Media Literacy Project
NMMLP provides current samples of Ads for deconstruction as well as all the basics of media literacy education.

PBS Kids, Don’t Buy It
This is a really fun and creative website. There are lots of games and ways to get involved while you learn about how media is made.


American Lung Association of Vermont
The Vermont affiliate of the national health organization dedicated to eliminating lung disease through education, research and advocacy.

American Cancer Society
A nationwide community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, diminishing suffering from cancer through research, education, advocacy, and service.

American Heart Association
This site is committed to an organization-wide mission to reduce disability and death from the nation's number one and number three killers, heart disease and stroke.


Vermont Department of Health
Find information on Vermont’s public health programs. Check out the Publications section for reports on key health measures, like smoking, alcohol and drug use, healthy eating, and more.

VKAT Advisor Handbook
Each VKAT Youth Coalition should have received a VKAT Advisor Handbook. To request a copy of the Handbook, please call 802-863-7330 or e-mail

Kick Butts Day
This is the official web site for the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids' annual Kick Butts Day. Download information, ideas and promotional materials, and register your events.

Smoking in the Movies Parents Guide

If you haven't seen them, check out the VKAT Training Materials and Take Action sections of the web site for more great resources.