VKAT 2012-2013 Calendar of Events  
September 1, 2012
- March, 31, 2013*
Scholarship Year
By September 30, 2012 Recruit VKAT members
Submit any Adult & Youth Advisor contact changes to Sarah Wylie, VDH
November 2012
     Wed., Nov. 7th
     Thu., Nov. 15th
Youth Coalition Regional Trainings
(groups will be assigned to a location)
     Lake Morey - Fairlee
     Doubletree Inn - Burlington
March 2013 Common Theme Campaign conference calls, dates in February or March TBD
March 2013 Common Theme Campaign - Collaborate with local Tobacco Use & Prevention Community Coalition if possible. New Theme TBD with Rescue Social Change Group.
Ongoing School & community tobacco prevention & education activities - includes policy action plan
Conduct at least two student-led activities to elementary age youth, peers, or community members. Each group will develop and implement their own activities: one must be tobacco-related, and the other activity can focus on any healthy choice topic learned about at the November Youth Coalition Training. VKAT groups may choose to do both activities on tobacco.;
April 30, 2013 End of Year reports due

*Activities may continue into April and be included on the End of Year report.